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Who we are

We are a very small family partnership with a very large bus. The bus came from an idea and dream I had when sitting in a pub that escalated into reality.

It was for a long time in my mind, planning it out and the more I thought about it the more I realised that I really could do it.

I then explained the idea to my mother who instantly loved the idea, so from there the planning started to become serious. I used children from our family to help me plan the layout. After a few months we found the funds (well a portion), found a bus, found a yard then got busy with the power tools. Here we are today the main idea was to make it as much like a static soft play structure as possible but in a bus, with a massive aspect to safety, we have got something on the bus for almost any child’s idea of good time, from a 7000-ball pit, 13ft slide, 9ft suspended rope bridge, 3 monkey biff-bash bags, secret passage, maze, climbing tunnel, toys, dressing up, dolls’ house and much more.

We have also included a diner for 18 people and a little kitchen with a fridge.

Have a look at our photo gallery in these pages to see what we have created (and what we started with!) and you will see why we are so excited about it all.

All the hard work in building the bus is made worthwhile when we drive up and hear the children cheer and see their faces light up.